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Dh diagnosed with an adrenal adenoma, biliary reflux and gastritis.

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carameldecaflatte Tue 01-Sep-15 18:48:33

Does anyone have any experience of any of these?

Dh has been ill for a year now.
It all started after he was prescribed dosulepin for depression associated with meniere's disorder. He had some stomach pain (one of the side effects of dosulepin) which gradually got worse and worse accompanied by weight loss and chronic diarrhoea. Colonoscopy and endoscopy clear apart from "mild gastritis and biliary reflux". CT scan shows a "probable benign adrenal adenoma".

He's naturally skinny but he's lost so much weight it's frightening.
He's in pain almost constantly with what he calls his "acid pain" and also stomach cramps.

He has been prescribed codeine which causes his already bad tinnitus to flare up but stops the diarrhoea. Omeprazole, and meberverine.

He is a mess. This weekend it has been particularly bad, in fact he has been unable to lie down in bed due to the pain for 4 days. He saw a (useless) dr this afternoon who prescribed Ranitidine and then naproxen which is totally contra-indicated for aspirin allergy (yes), gastro problems and those on a low salt diet (for meniere's).

He has an appointment with endocrinology at the beginning of October but I'm seriously considering marching him into a&e at the next flare up as it's just so awful seeing him folded in half on the sofa crying in pain at 3 am.

Apologies for the length of this post and thank you for reading. I think I just needed to express my frustration on his behalf. sad

Any input gratefully received.

Mrsmorton Tue 01-Sep-15 18:51:23

I think you'd be quite justified to do that OP. Decent pain relief is a gift that medical professionals can give even when they can do nothing else.


carameldecaflatte Tue 01-Sep-15 19:23:33

Thank you Mrsmorton I will. I've just told dh that if it gets this bad again we ARE going to a&e. Even if they just knocked him out on diamorphine at least he would get some relief. confused

TheSpottedZebra Tue 01-Sep-15 21:48:36

I think it's not rare to find adrenal adenoma when doing imaging for something else (or during post mortems!) . In the main, they're just blobs of nothing bad at all. But it's great that he's seeing an endocrinologist to get it checked out.

Is he seeing anyone for the other things?

carameldecaflatte Wed 02-Sep-15 08:34:35

Thank you for replying Zebra. He was referred to endocrinology from gastroenterology. He doesn't have any other gastro appointments. We know that adrenal adenoma is usually "incidental" but many of his symptoms fit some sort of adrenal disfunction, especially the "adrenalin rushes" he gets at the slightest hint of confrontation (e.g. making a phone call) with shaking and sweating and rapid heart beat.

He slept batter last night but is still in "acid" pain. I think we'll ask to be referred back to gastroenterology.

TheSpottedZebra Thu 03-Sep-15 21:38:42

Oh, I know those rushes sad

Stay away from Google though. There is loads of terrifying stuff written out there, and you'd only focus on that (I know that feeling too!). Another lovely thing about adrenal is that people seem to feel the need to parrot shite that they read about in a chappy magazine about avoiding stress, or adrenal fatigue. Hmm...

So you know that adrenal lumps can be functional - ie they interfere with the normal production of hormones from the adrenal gland. Has he got any diagnostic tests to figure out if his is doing this? Has he had the joy of a 24/72 hour urine collection yet? grin

The acid pain sounds awful. I never had it, so I have no idea if it can be in any way related to the adrenal. But unfortunately adrenal disfunction seems to be able to throw out all sorts of curve ball symptoms.

carameldecaflatte Tue 08-Sep-15 20:52:02

Thanks again Zebra. Yes, he's done the delightful 24hr urine collection and we have an appointment with endocrinology at the beginning of october (seems like forever).
I have a horrible feeling they will be sending us back to gastroenterology confused

Google is terrifying at times and I don't tell dh everything I read but I'd rather be forewarned.

It's just so awful seeing him in pain.

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