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Extremely painful earache

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peachpearplum465 Sun 30-Aug-15 05:54:56

I've been suffering from a very dull, slightly irritating earache in my right ear for about 5 days now. I've been trying the home remedies such as compresses and olive oil and also been taking ibuprofen... was hoping it was just going to go away (like I do with most things) but an hour into settling down for the night last night and it got very painful very quickly.

The pain was sharp and almost burning. The whole right side of my face seemed to be affected too...jaw ache, blurred vision and headaches. It's now almost 6 a.m. and I haven't slept because it's too painful. I don't think I've had earache since I was a young child. It's really upsetting me (I know, I'm a wimp)

Nonnainglese Sun 30-Aug-15 06:09:27

You need to see a doctor, phone your surgery and you'll get the ooh number.
Ear infections are serious and not for self-diagnosis and treatment.
I hope it clears up quickly.

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