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First period for 18 months - I thought they'd finished!

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mckenzie Tue 25-Aug-15 19:14:40

I came on this weekend, for the first time in about 18 months. I'm 49.

For the last week or so my nipples had been really really sore (as is, I had to take a deep breath before putting a bra on), then I got the start of a migraine, felt sick etc and then voila!

For as long a I can remember, my periods have been very light and trouble free. One tampax could last me all day. This period though is quite quite different.
Heavy, painful, yukky.

What's happened? I'm so disappointed as I thought they were all over sad

Darkchocolatebuttons Tue 25-Aug-15 19:31:02

That sounds totally miserable. There should be a chocolate smiley to offer you.

I keep hoping that my periods will just disappear. In fact, I am envious that you have had 18 months without. Sorry that doesn't help. I do sympathise.

Are you on any supplements? There was an amazing perimenopausal thread around - I lurked and read and noted down ideas to make life more bearable. Is this part of a typical pattern - do you know? So, hopefully, this could be a swansong of sorts?

Anyhow, look after yourself - hot drinks, goodies, hot water bottles and anything that makes you feel better.

mckenzie Tue 25-Aug-15 19:42:48

Thanks very much darkchocolatebuttons. smile
I have been taking supplements the last few months, to support the hormonal changes, so I wonder if it's these that have bitten me on the bum!

Sansoora Tue 25-Aug-15 20:12:14

Any bleeding after 12 months of no bleeding must be considered a post menopausal bleed and investigated.

mckenzie Tue 25-Aug-15 21:44:14

I'm having a blood test on Thursday (a fasting one for chlorestral). Might they be able to add some ticks to all the list of boxes on the form and check it out then? smile

FuckyNell Wed 26-Aug-15 00:41:49

Have a look at this

ChilliAndMint Wed 26-Aug-15 00:46:27

This has just happened to me. No period for the over 12 months, and now a very light one. Did feel premenstrual and bloated for days before.
Doctor did suggest Mirena coil, but the thought makes my toes curl.

Sansoora Wed 26-Aug-15 04:30:07

Might they be able to add some ticks to all the list of boxes on the form and check it out then?

They may be able to but you also need to see a gynaecologist to rule out other problems with you womb and ovaries that could cause this.

This link explains things clearly

Darkchocolatebuttons Wed 26-Aug-15 08:57:15

Sansoora is right. Go have it checked out and I will go get a smear sorted - overdue as usual.

Sansoora Wed 26-Aug-15 09:04:22

Good on you DCB smile

These kind of things can be so easy to 'forget' but now that Im a bit more sensible about myself Ive decided to have a well woman check up during my birthday week each year. Ive already got next years booked.

I know it can be really scary but lets face it the sooner we find a bit of us thats rattling the sooner it can be sorted with less of a fuss wink

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