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six week checks

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vict17 Mon 10-May-04 15:05:59

Hi. My six week check is now apprently an eight week check! My ds will be six weeks on Thursday and I was looking forward to checking whether it's ok to start exercising again, having sex etc etc. Any one any advice or can tell me their own experiences? TIA

cuppy Mon 10-May-04 15:42:24

Hi V,

Our sexlife resumed at 5 weeks and all was fine - I dont think theres any hard and fast rule. All depends on you - taking in to consideration stitches etc.
And according to prgnancy and birth book you can do gentle exercise(not aerobics) asap after delivery. However , my dd is 12 weeks and Ive still to start <sigh>. hth

KateandtheGirls Mon 10-May-04 16:40:10

After the birth of my first (forceps and episiotomy) my doctor told me I could resume sex after 4 weeks if I felt up to it. It took us 5 weeks to finally find an opportunity when we were both awake and the baby wasn't, but there were no problems.

As for exercise, the sooner the better! Just start slowly - walking/swimming etc. You'll know yourself what you're ready for.

vict17 Mon 10-May-04 16:55:54

Thanks! I'm not sure when we'll actually 'do the deed' but my dh has the six week deadline in mind, and was a bit dismayed when I said it might be eight weeks As for exercise I've got a low impact aerobics one - the dance with Helen (from Big Brother - sad I know) that I used to do. Do you think that would be ok? I need to do some serious sit-ups too cos i'm so saggy!

KateandtheGirls Mon 10-May-04 18:33:25

vic, it probably depends on what your fitness level was like before and during pregnancy. But a low impact one. Sure, why not? Give it a try. But of course stop if anything hurts.

JeniN Mon 10-May-04 19:47:51

<blush> don't know if you had stitches or anything or have any worries about sex, but personally found lubricant a major improvement - durex do one now in a cute little pump bottle.

vict17 Sun 16-May-04 18:50:39

Just to update - we did the deed and no pain at all

Piffleoffagus Sun 16-May-04 19:54:28

gosh I must have been lucky, we were about 6 days!
Eeeks slapper alert!
It was a relief to feel like it again after 10 mths of feeling like a frigid woman!

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