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Help! Stress incontinence/prolapse/mess

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LovelessH Fri 21-Aug-15 20:19:26

Hi all this is my first message. Sorry for the details.
I have my son in 2013 by forceps delivery I had a episiotomy. He was premature which meant I spend 10 days in nicu sitting down. As a result it took 6 months for me to fully heal. About 8 months ago my episiotomy scar split open and became infected my pelvic floor collapsed and I developed stress incontinence.
I have been sent to the hospital and I am to have my scar fixed and they referred me to physiotherapy. I went about 10 weeks ago first time and discovered that I have a prolapse on my bowl side and bladder side. I started the excises and it was very hard work. I went again today the nurses were lovely, they checked again.
My uterus/cervix has complete prolapsed down, she said that there was hardly any strength left in my pelvic floor. She was very nice and said I had been doing everything right but it might be time to have an operation. She looked worried for me.
Anyone been through anything else? What operation would it be?
Feel confused and scared.

gingeroots Sat 22-Aug-15 08:55:30

Big sympathies and hugs - maybe post over here

Though bear in mind that it's mainly people with problems and stuff that's gone wrong who post .

Not people like me - high forceps ,baby stuck etc had TVT mesh 10 years ago and all well .

Good luck love .

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