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Pain in ankles

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icelollycraving Tue 18-Aug-15 22:09:11

Over the last maybe four months or so I've had a lot of stiffness in my ankles upon waking. It's now at the point of them being quite painful whenever I am sitting or lying down for more than a couple of minutes (when I come to move).
I have always been in a job where I stand all day & used to wear heels. After having ds I find heels agony & wear flats,maybe too flat?
I have bad varicose veins & did discuss all of the symptoms with GP who did very thorough blood tests.
I catch myself in a mirror & I'm walking slowly & with difficulty at times. My left ankle feels more sore.
Is it the shoes? I am overweight so I guess that obviously doesn't help but aside from my weight the GP said I was in great health.
Is it the varicose veins? I'm feeling old before my time all of a sudden.

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