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Lichen sceloris - anyone have any experience with this?

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WallyBantersJunkBox Tue 18-Aug-15 10:04:47

After a pretty long break in the bedroom department I'm again active. I've noticed that I keep getting tiny paper cuts on the skin around my labia which become very painful and itchy

I have been tested for any STIs after STBXH left so I don't think it's a transmitted disease, also because the skin feels itchy due to dryness.

I never wash intimately with soap, I've only ever used water.

I did a Google search of the symptoms and some of the photos look similar. It seems a bit depressing in feedback - no cure, doctors not very accepting etc. and I can't go through this searing pain every time I touch or move the skin.

Anyone have experience of this? .

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