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Mystery 'dizziness' (will explain...)

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Albadross Mon 17-Aug-15 10:57:20

I'm 35 and I've had a mystery dizziness and numbness thing since giving birth, 2.5 years ago now.

I say 'dizziness' but actually it feels similar to when you're on a ride that suddenly drops down or goes over a big bump and gives you that falling feeling, only just for a split second, followed by a slight feeling of having to hold on to something. At first it was like I was leaning over to one side for a bit and I would actually have to hold on to a wall until it passed. The numbness comes in waves - it started with a patch in between my shoulder blades which still comes back periodically, and I also have numbness in some fingers and toes, plus a patch down the front of my calf, which has caused me to cut myself shaving a few times because I can't feel anything there so I press too hard.

I've seen 2 neurologists now and was diagnosed with two things (musculoskeletal stuff) which appear completely unrelated to this after having a full spinal/shoulder MRI, full bloods and endless physical tests. Both doctors said they couldn't find any reason for these symptoms and have just written them off as unexplained.

Despite this the symptoms persist and have started to really bother me. Anyone know what it might be?

Me2you Mon 17-Aug-15 21:26:03

Could it be anxiety or stress that can definitely cause dizziness n unsteadiness. .It can also cause numbness but not sure if in them places.

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