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Tranexamic Acid Question

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PickAName456 Sat 15-Aug-15 20:52:29

Just a quick question for those of you that have used tranexamic acid for heavy periods.

Just this week I have been prescribed iron tablets and tranexamic. I can already say I'm feeling much better. I started on the tranexamic on Thursday which was the first day of my period. It's now Saturday so I've taken them for the three days that my GP advised and my period has been really light which is great.

Question is, tomorrow when I don't take them, will my period go back to the heavy flow or will I get the usual 'fourth' day which is when I usually start to get lighter anyway?

I kind of mean, have I skipped the first three heavy days, or have I just put them off to catch up with me later on?

Hope that makes sense.

RillaMyRilla Sat 15-Aug-15 22:01:38

My experience is that when I stop taking the tranexamic acid my period is fairly light, so I have skipped the heavy days. Not sure if it's like that for everyone though, hopefully it is for you!

PickAName456 Sat 15-Aug-15 22:09:35

thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply. I wasn't sure if my post made sense, but you answered my question so I guess it must of done smile fingers crossed for a light day tomorrow then. thank you

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