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Micronor/Mirena problems (tmi sorry!)

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mumsnit Sat 15-Aug-15 16:29:12

I currently have the mirena and have been bleeding continuously and varying amounts since I had it fitted 8 months ago. The GP prescribed Micronor to take on top of the Mirena to stop it but it hasn't and am still bleeding daily sad

Anyone else take mini pill with Mirena or had similar problems? GP is obviously very reluctant to take Mirena out but pill and coil seems like overkill to me especially if it's not working to stop my heavy periods!!

foamybeep Sun 16-Aug-15 19:28:19

I had the mirena abd u bled constantly on the end I was so fed up I took out myself bleeding stopped in a week. I went on a mini pill but that was the same. It was agreed the progesterone only contraception is no good for me and a combined method is better I now take marvelon. Although gp is reluctant due to BP being high on not worried as I swim 3x a week eat well and the benefits of clear skin, none existent periods, no migraines and general all round good mood is worth it. Definatly get it removed. I think 7 months is long enough to see if it will improve! X

mumsnit Sun 16-Aug-15 21:13:42

Thanks smile yes I think it's been long enough now to know it's just not working for me - I used to have Marvelon too without any problems!

FannyFanakapan Sun 16-Aug-15 21:21:05

i also had this problem, non-stop bleeding for 8 months. Also had 2 vaginal infections that I have never had before or since. I knew I had finished having kids (i was 45) and so opted for removing mirena and had an endometrial ablation. COuldnt be happier with the result, no periods, no weight gain, no hormones - basically an alternative to a hysterectomy. There is a risk of early menopause, but at my age, its just around the corner anyway!,

ShortyShortLegs Mon 17-Aug-15 17:13:24

I had bleeding for 9 months constantly on the Mirena and begged the doctor to take it out!

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