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constipation, bloating and movicol. IBS or something else?

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mrswhiskers Fri 14-Aug-15 20:03:41

Can anyone offer me any help?
I've always had bother with constipation but it became really severe about this time last year and I suffered from impaction that I managed to clear at home with suppositories.
spoke to the GP who diagnosed "lazy bowels"
Since January this year I've been on movicol and it helped for a while. around 3 months ago I suffered severe abdominal bloating with loose bowels and saw the GP who said she though it was impaction with liquid stools coming around the sides (sorry TMI) it seemed to resolve itself but the movicol hasn't worked the same since.
Saw the GP again after 12 days of constipation and I began to bloat and have a periodic dull ache/mild discomfort I'm my left side just below the ribs. He recommended 4 movicol a day which got things moving a bit too much
the thing is I'm still getting bloated around the middle and have the ache in my side. I'm going to see the GP again when the kids go back to school next week but does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
I had full blood tests last tome i sae the GP and was diagnosed with gilbert syndrome (raised bilirubin levels in the liver) but the doctor said this wouldn't cause constipation or bloating.
I'm wondering what else can be done for me.
Sorry this is so long.

mrswhiskers Sat 15-Aug-15 13:59:07


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