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Yasmin: anybody wish to share their experiences of coming off it?

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Runwayqueen Fri 14-Aug-15 09:44:38

I have been on Yasmin for nearly 4 years. Just over 4 months ago gp changed me on to a generic form, despite it fundamentally being the same pill it didn't seem to agree with me, and seemed to worsen symptoms of another condition I have (although I'm willing to accept that could be coincidence). Having discussed it with dp, both agreed it may be good to give my body a rest from the pill. I don't use it for contraceptive purposes, only regulation.

I've now been off it for just over 3 weeks and feel awful. I'm still lethargic, no af, still getting heart palpitations, 10lb weight gain (vain to be upset about it, but I've had weight issues in the past), in short I've not seen anything positive for coming off Yasmin (maybe with the exception of slightly improved sex drive). All the reasons I wanted to come off it are still in play with added headaches.

Anybody able to share some positive experience of coming off Yasmin? I'm seriously contemplating taking it again, if I'm going to have problems at least I'll be 'regular'. I have spoken to gp about it, she wants to see if the tiredness is a habitual thing before investigating further, but is happy for me to stay on Yasmin, have the marina or try pop.

Runwayqueen Sun 16-Aug-15 08:48:41

Shamelessly bumping

Hopeful83 Sun 16-Aug-15 15:21:52

I came off it to TTC. I found I lost a lot of hair. No bald batches just thinning though. No other symptoms though, but it did make me declare that I'd never go back on it. I hope you feel better soon

Runwayqueen Mon 17-Aug-15 22:45:55

Thank you hopeful. I'm quite torn on whether to go back on it or give it more time

Gunpowder Mon 17-Aug-15 22:48:56

Hopeful me too! Never connected the two until now.

Scarydinosaurs Mon 17-Aug-15 23:06:45

I got pregnant very quickly!

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