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Cleft and other physical defects risk

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Amelia257 Fri 14-Aug-15 00:10:36

Hi all, was wondering whether anyone whose baby had a cleft and was all clear on kidney/heart scans at birth (classed as 'isolated' cleft) then went onto develop further (hidden) problems later in development? We have had genetics appt/basic scans done at birth on my 6 month old but still concerned that isn't necessarily the end of the story?! Apparently they'll be no more major organs tests etc done from here on...! Is that right?! Can anyone advise? Thanks

NotCitrus Fri 14-Aug-15 04:45:40

If scans have shown all clear, should be ok- in development growth basically comes from where the spine ends up, round each side, then meets in the middle at the front, so the palate and then lips are last to form and most likely to have clefts if the two sides don't quite join.

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