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Abnormal smear, terrified

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Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 13:07:18

I had a smear in January of this year. The result came back as Low Grade Dyskaryosis. It said these changes sometimes happen, and because they can return to normal by themselves, they don't need any treatment. It also said because there was no evidence of HPV infection, my risk of developing cervical cancer was very low. I was to be recalled for another test in three years time.

My GP at the time was happy with this, although I still felt uneasy.

I've seen a new GP this morning, for some repeat prescriptions, and she says it definitely needs following up at the hospital, and I need a Colposcopy? I am on Elleste HRT, and she said this could have affected the test results.

I'm now worried sick, and wondered if anyone had any experience, knowledge of this Dyskaryosis?


Northumberlandlass Thu 13-Aug-15 13:15:07

I had severe dyskaryosis just over a year ago. They did a biopsy which confirmed CIN3 cells present. Within a month I had a loop, which removed all of the affected cells.
I had follow up smears 3 months and 6 months which were clear - I am now on yearly smears.

The biopsy was colposcopy and no more invasive than a smear really, there are stirrups and there is a wide screen which I didn't really want to look at, I think they put iodine on and I had a local anesthetic for both procedures.

I found it uncomfortable but fine and paracetamol, hot water bottle and afternoon on sofa was all that was needed.

I panicked too when I got the letter. If you want to ask any questions, please do

AnyPostToday Thu 13-Aug-15 13:19:49

I think it's best to have it checked out, not sure why your GP didnt refer you in january though? The little leaflet I got did explain sometimes they 'watch and wait' for low grade results though.

I had a severe abnormal result 5 years ago, before I had DC. I was terrified because my mom had to have a radical hysterectomy when she was 32 due to cancerous cells.
I had a colposcopy 3 days after my results came back. They start like a smear then give you a local anaesthetic in your cervix so you don't feel anything after that. They remove the cells via diathermy then let you go. I did bleed quite a bit afterwards but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

Have they told you they would refer you?

Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 13:36:22

Thank you both, that's very helpful, at least I know what to expect. Don't like the sound of the local anaesthetic though. Sounds very painful. Yes, AnyPost, the GP said this morning she will refer me. I feel quite annoyed now that it was just left, and it was only because my GP retired and I've had to see a new one, that it's got picked up.

I lost my DH to lung cancer two years ago, and I am all my DC have now, hence me being so afraid.

AnyPostToday Thu 13-Aug-15 13:38:16

Maybe it's new protocol to treat low grade abnormalities now?

flowersto you

holidaysarenice Thu 13-Aug-15 13:43:37

Your original gp followed the protocol perfectly. Here the new referral would be rejected with advise to re-smear at a normal interval. Especially with hpv negative.

The only thing I can think that could change that is your hrt.

holidaysarenice Thu 13-Aug-15 14:05:32

That advice does vary by which part of the uk you live in too.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 13-Aug-15 14:10:47

I've had a couple of colposcopy's following abnormal smears,with biopsies taken.
I found it more undignified than uncomfortable.
Mine returned to normal after the second one (I snugly fitted a baby between the first and second one)
Try not to worry,and be thankful we have such a fantastic health service!

Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:10:59

Thank you holidays, that's very reassuring. Hopefully this new GP is just being over cautious.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 13-Aug-15 14:13:49

I was on yearly smears for some time afterwards.
I saw my notes when I went fof a different op,and it said I'd had that loop thingy done.
If I did,I wasn't aware of it.confused
All smears have been normal sincd.

Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:22:36

Thank you That - that eases my mind a little. I can cope with undignified.

It's strange that advice varies depending where you are in the country. I would have thought something either needed further investigation or it didn't.

Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:23:46

I'm so glad everything resolved and worked out well for you That.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 13-Aug-15 14:28:18

Thanks Bluebell.

iPaid Thu 13-Aug-15 14:29:04

Bluebell - having lost your DH it's understandable that you are fearful. However, whilst abnormal cells are common, cervical cancer is a very rare disease and you are even less likely to get it if you do not have HPV.

Try to remember that smear tests are for pre-cancerous changes that might, if left untreated for several years, develop into cancer. Most cell changes, including high grade ones, will never become cancerous even if not treated.

Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:57:13

Thanks for that iPaid. I wonder if the doctor is referring me more as a precaution. She didn't have a copy of the letter which explained my abnormal smear result. All she'd got on the system was that I'd had an abnormal smear in January. She didn't have the reasons why. Obviously, I hadn't got the letter with me, so I couldn't tell her exactly what it said. It was only when I got home and found the letter that I can relay the full results. I'm wondering whether to ring her and tell her what the letter said. It's clear on the NHS website that for an HPV negative, mild Dyskaryosis result, the normal procedure is to re-test in three years. They would not refer you. I've had so much stress and trauma over the last couple of years, I really don't need the added distress of an uncomfortable hospital visit, unless it's really necessary.

iPaid Thu 13-Aug-15 18:05:52

I would definitely ring her, give her your results and ask her to explain why she wants to refer you for colposcopy. Why is she making a link between your test results and HRT?

Is she aware of your loss and your perfectly understandable reluctance to go through a medical procedure that the people who analysed your smear sample didn't deem necessary?

Bluebell66 Thu 13-Aug-15 18:39:30

I've rung the surgery iPaid, and requested a call from the Doctor tomorrow. She seems to have got it into her head that I'm bleeding in between periods, and kept saying the HRT could be "causing the bleeding". I repeatedly told her I wasn't bleeding in between periods. I did make her aware of the fact that I had lost my DH, and was under a huge strain, but it didn't really seem to register. Think I'll probably be trying another doctor next time I need one.

iPaid Thu 13-Aug-15 20:24:05

I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep, Bluebell. Please let us know what your GP says tomorrow. It might be a good idea to switch GPs; I am very glad that I did.

Bluebell66 Fri 14-Aug-15 08:47:48

Had a rubbish night iPaid, but have just had a call from the GP. She keeps going on about "the bleeding". I've tried telling her it's only at period times, nothing in between. But she says she doesn't know whether it's the HRT causing the bleeding, or something else. I think it's just my period. I am menopausal, hence the HRT. Sometimes it's very light, sometimes it's a proper period. She's insisting I be seen at the hospital. I'm very confused Tbh.

Bluebell66 Fri 14-Aug-15 08:57:03

She said they may change my HRT! Why? It took me months to find one that suited me. This one has really helped me and doesn't give me any side effects. I know I'm only bleeding at period times as I keep a written record. I'm really stressed out by all this, I can't see the point of going to the hospital or meddling with my HRT. Why can't she understand? She seems to have got it into her head I'm bleeding all the time. I was given HRT as my menopausal symptoms were so bad, but I was still having periods, albeit not as regular as they used to be.

millymae Fri 14-Aug-15 09:45:08

I'd give up on trying to change the mind of your GP and just go to the hospital appointment when it comes.

Easier said than done I know, but try and put the whole thing to the back of your mind for now and when you get to the hospital explain exactly the circumstances that brought you there. Take your original letter with you and leave them in no doubt that you are happy with your HRT and that you are not bleeding other than when you should be. They may or may not decide to examine you - if they don't then you be sure that you don't need to have another smear until your re-call comes, but if they do it will do you favour by either showing that everything is as it should be and you can stop worrying, or some treatment needs to be given.

I think in your shoes I'd rather go to the hospital than waste any more of my time trying to convince someone that they haven't heard what I said. My experience of the staff that work in Colposcopy has been nothing but good and they have done everything they possibly can to put me at ease.

Bluebell66 Fri 14-Aug-15 11:02:05

Thank you milly. That all makes sense. I'll just show them the letter and say I'm happy with my HRT and that I don't have any abnormal bleeding. I'll just have to leave it up to them then. I really don't want my HRT messing about with. It took months to find one that suited me and it's really helped the awful symptoms I was getting.

iPaid Fri 14-Aug-15 20:44:59

Only just managed to get online just now. Sorry you had a bad night, Bluebell, but good advice from Milly.

Might be worth asking GP to send you to gynae rather than just colposcopy because they can do more investigations to put GP's mind - and yours - at rest. They are painless and I speak as a total wuss.

And I second what Milly says about how nice staff at colposcopy (and gynae) depts tend to be.

Here's to a better night's sleep flowers

Bluebell66 Sat 15-Aug-15 08:37:06

Thank you iPaid. I'm not exactly sure whether she's referring me to a Gynaecologist or literally just for a colposcopy. I'll just have to wait and see now. Hopefully it will be a Gynaecologist, then I can fully explain the situation and he can decide best what to do. Didn't sleep well again, but that's pretty normal for me at the moment. I'll let you know what happens when I get an appointment. Thank you for all your support and advice. It's greatly appreciated.

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