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First smear...DONE!

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mumtoaninja Wed 12-Aug-15 11:00:56

After a very painful internal whilst pregnant with DD 6 years ago, I have been putting off and putting off going for a smear. I suffer bad anxiety and panic attacks and thinking about this was mentally exhausting.

However, I put my big girl pants on last week and made an appointment for my 1st ever test (I'm 31)
Had no sleep last night, couldn't park the car for shaking so much, was on the verge of tears going in but the nurse was so lovely and talked each stage through and bam, it was all over within 30 seconds!

So, to anyone like me who has been putting this off, make that appointment! It's really not that bad!! smile

(I just have to try and remain calm whilst waiting for the results now!)

tribpot Wed 12-Aug-15 11:03:08

Well done, mumtoaninja - and well done to your nurse too.

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