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Herpes... Talk to me.... PleaseðŸ53;

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Avarose1234 Tue 11-Aug-15 22:18:22

Hello all

I found Mumsnet a great source of advice and support in the past when I was pregnant and then suffered a miscarriage and now I come in the hopes of more valued support and advice...
Almost a year ago I contracted the HSV2 virus from a cheating partner and I've got to say it's not been an easy ride... Multiple outbreaks in the first 4 months left me being put on suppression treatment which I've tried in vain to come off of but every time I do I start with a new outbreak - I've managed 6 weeks max without one. I've been on suppression treatment for 7 months now. In that time I've had 2 new partners and both have been fine with it, even though getting the courage up to tell someone you really like that you have something with so much stigma attached to it is horrendous. I'm terrified that I'm going to infect people and I when I think the worst part is over (the telling them part) it's not because every time afterwards I'm crapping myself that I've given it to them. I've read that you can still pass it on even on suppression treatment!!
Does anyone have any stories about how they've found life living with this horrible virus? Has anyone passed it on whilst on suppression treatment? Does it get any easier?

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