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Tired, bloated, abdominal pains - not pregnant. Help?

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DeathstarDame Tue 11-Aug-15 16:04:01

For the past few months I've been feeling tired, sluggish and experiencing abdominal pain. Along with this in the past 4 weeks I've had a lot of bloating, to the extent I actually look pregnant. I've been having irregular periods for roughly a year, they never used to be irregular and only became so after having an implant fitted (which I've recently had removed). I'm also really struggling to lose weight despite having a healthy diet and being pretty active (I walk everywhere, take DS out every day for walks, kick about etc). I've gained half a stone in the last month despite no changes to my diet.

When I went to my Drs they pretty much shot me down in flames, I suggested a thyroid problem and also endometriosis (a few of my family members have suffered with both of these) my GP said they didn't think it was either and left it at that. I've taken 4 pregnancy tests (3 negative, 1 inconclusive) out of worry. I remember feeling like this before I found out I was pregnant with DS.

Any suggestions as to what this may be or what to ask my shitty GP about?

I'm starting to feel very low with myself and have become a bit of a recluse. I just want to try and get to the bottom of it.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 11-Aug-15 16:11:31

If they are dismissive or unhelpful I would change GP practice.

Have you had any blood tests done recently with regards to your thyroid gland?. I would seek to have blood tests done in any event.

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