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Worth going private for pelvic ultrasound?

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penelope1985 Tue 11-Aug-15 14:44:48

So the GP suspects I have polycystic ovaries, haven't had a period for three months (very very light before that) and have high testosterone. Referred for an ultrasound scan. However I've been waiting 5 weeks for an appointment and just spoke to the hospital who said the wait list was more like 8 weeks.

Is it worth going for a private ultrasound? It's only £99 and to be honest my anxiety levels are through the roof and I keep thinking worse and worse things might be wrong. Is it worth it for the sake of my sanity? What will the GP think if I just turn up brandishing results from a private clinic? Will they still be able to treat me on the NHS or will I have to wait for an NHS scan anyway?

Any info greatly appreciated

Metalhead Tue 11-Aug-15 17:22:45

Do you mean you'd have to wait another 8 weeks for an appointment, or is it 8 weeks in total so another 3 week wait? If it's the latter I'd probably wait as polycystic ovaries are not an emergency.

But, if it's really stressing you out and you can afford the private scan, then by all means go for it. Your GP won't care whether you go private or not, and you should still be able to get treatment on the NHS if you need it.

penelope1985 Tue 11-Aug-15 18:44:03

Another three weeks but I imagine that's the deadline of when I will be assigned an appointment rather than when I will be seen!!

I can't really afford it but I get very reckless with my credit card when I am in moments of anxiety so I'm thinking im just going to go for it. Thanks for replying ... I know it's not an emergency but it feels like one and I keep having doom filled thought when I imagine what else they might find and what else could be wrong!!

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