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Is there any doctors/healthcare professionals that can give me their opinion on these blood test results please?

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woollybean Tue 11-Aug-15 00:03:37

Hi, I know it is a long shot but I would really appreciate someone's opinion on a blood test my father has had done. My Dad is in his 80's, has vascular dementia, has end stage renal failure and is on dialysis. Below are his results on the left with what we have been told are the normal parameters in brackets:
haemoglobin 1.02 (1.30 - 1.80)
iron 6 (10 - 30)
transferrin 1.6 (2 - 4)
another result but can't remember what its name was but it was 14.9 (20 - 50)
One doctor has said that my Dad needs medical help but another has said that these results are normal for someone with the health problems my Dad has.
Any opinions would be most welcomed, thank you.

Twodogsandahooch Tue 11-Aug-15 08:06:52

Agree these results are most likely to be related to his renal disease. Would suggest speaking to his renal team to go through them with you if you are worried.

mamadoc Tue 11-Aug-15 08:28:11

He is anaemic but not drastically so and this is a recognised complication of renal failure so cause is known. I would not think any immediate treatment is needed. Not sure what the unknown result is though.

(I assume he is going to get checked by the Dr who ordered the tests)

hellomynameis Tue 11-Aug-15 10:14:11

Interpreting bloods in the absence of a trend and actual medical history is usually pointless.

Yes a bit anaemic but can be very much par for the course in dialysis patients.

Vascular dementia 80+ year old dialysis .... I hope someone has had a realistic conversation about ongoing prognosis.

woollybean Tue 11-Aug-15 23:43:45

Thank you so much for your opinions, its much appreciated x

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