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I am in such a terrible state- should I be doing more?

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Simplemind Mon 10-Aug-15 12:22:58

I have health anxieties so I am the first to admit that I do stress sometimes unnecessarily. My mum has for some years been told that her billirubin levels are slightly raised but within the normal range. I at the time googled and suggested gilberts syndrome. Dr didn't want to do anything further. Of recent time I have become very anxious about the possibility that my mum could have contracted hep c through a blood transfusion she had 40 years ago. In the last week she to me has looked a little orange ( noticed her eyes maybe a little yellow and her scalp a little orange) Decided to mention my concerns to her including hep c. She has just been for her bp check with dr and mentioned whether she needed a blood test for pernicious anemia ( it runs in our family) but forgot to mention hep c. Dr said no rush to do. I have said a couple of times she to me looks a little jaundice but she said dr remarked that she looked in good shape. I feel so responsible but at the same time no my judgement is not always good due to anxiety. I have offered to make an appointment for blood test. But she said she will do in her own time and to stop stressing . Wwyd?

Simplemind Mon 10-Aug-15 16:20:13

Sorry bump

Clarella Mon 10-Aug-15 18:26:01

Other than looking orangey - does she feel ok?

My sister has Gilbert's and goes v orange if she eat too much orangey food; carrots and oranges. She's a veggie so it happens often!

Gilbert's is supposed to offer protection for cancer.

If she's feeling unwell perhaps suggest she asks again for the pa test and remind her to mention the hep c. I know you are feeling anxious about it but it's really up to her and her GP. I know how you feel as my mum has thyroid issues (as I do) but got it later than me and puts up with feeling rubbish. Won't listen to me.

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