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Low B12 - how long before I feel better?

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NotEnoughB12 Sun 09-Aug-15 20:30:40

I appreciate that a lot if people are worse off than me, but I'm struggling and could do with some advice.

I recently had a series of blood tests requested by my GP due to exhaustion, muscle/joint pains, irregular periods etc. I suspected it might be low Thyroid function or early menopause, but when I got the results from the surgery, they said I've got low B12, and that my FBC is flagged as 'normal for this patient'. The notes said to see the GP and I've got a non-urgent telephone appt next week.

I've taken B12 as a regular supplement for years so it's not like I'm not getting enough of it - having read the NhS website, it seems likely that I'm not absorbing B12 properly (pernicious anaemia?) so will need regular B12 injections from now on!

Has anyone experienced this and how long does it take to feel better? I'm struggling to function and intend to resign from my volunteering activities next week cos it's just too much for me.
I used to be so active and busy - now just climbing the stairs is an effort. A trip out leaves me knackered the next day and a stroll along the seafront cripples me with foot pain.
I'm only in my early 40s - someone please tell me it gets better !

UnfortunateUsername Sun 09-Aug-15 23:10:35

When I started B12 injections they did 4 over the course of four weeks to bring it up to a normal level before starting the 12 weekly course. It was years ago but I'm sure I felt the difference by the end of the initial 4-5 weeks. I did always find that I was out of energy again a week or two before my next injection was due once I was on the 12 weekly course though. I hope it kicks in quickly for you.

ICantThinkOfAUsernameH Mon 10-Aug-15 09:40:03

Heya, I've recently been diagnosed with PAnemia, had a course of 6 injections over 2 weeks and then 3 monthly. At the time I thought they made no difference as still felt tired but about 8 weeks after them I felt exhausted again so I'd obviously had felt a bit better! Counting down the days to my next jab!
There's some fab advice groups on Facebook which will be able to answer questions better than I can.
HTH flowers

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