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Possible skin cancer questions

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jimmum Sun 09-Aug-15 19:41:21

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted here before so I hope I am in the right place!

I have recently noticed that a mole on my back looked like it had a bit of pink in it so I thought I had better take myself off to the doctors. The doctor looked at the mole and said he thought it looked like an atypical mole but he wanted me to get it checked out. Obviously he mentioned the words skin cancer but told me not to lose any sleep over it. The next day I went to see the nurse in the surgery for something unrelated and happened to glance over at her computee screen where the doctors notes said suspected skin cancer! I asked the nurse who said they put that to get you in to hospital within the two week rule but I am now more concerned than I initially was! Is the nurse right or was the doctor lying to me when he said not to lose any sleep over it? Also when you have your appointment with the dermatologist do they do the biopsy there and then? It's my little ones birthday coming up so I don't want this in my mind!

Thank you to anyone who can answer my questions

AutumnshadesofGold Sun 09-Aug-15 19:53:59

GP admin here - when we send a referral it must have a priority code on it. So; routine, urgent or urgent suspected cancer usually. This ensures the referral gets processed accordingly once received by the hospital. Please don't worry, your GP was reassuring you so it's a good idea to listen to him smile
The term "suspected" is also used to mean "could be" - so equally it might not be cancerous!
Hope you get seen soon and that you get good news smile

jimmum Sun 09-Aug-15 20:00:33

Thank you so much autumnshadesofgold, it is so lovely that people take the time to share their knowledge

pinkje Sun 09-Aug-15 20:03:57

I would think your first appointment will be to photograph and 'log' your mole. The dermatologist will then see you when the photographs have been seen by him/her.

YeOldeTrout Sun 09-Aug-15 20:05:08

Most funny skin growths are not skin cancer. Good luck x

PinkParsnips Sun 09-Aug-15 20:18:14

I've just had this happen recently - was seen at the hospital within 2 weeks of going to GP, the dermatologist checked the ones I went about and then did a full body check (I have lots of moles) and found a totally different one she didn't like the look of, I then had another appt about a month later to remove that one and got the results in a letter. The ones I went about were just photographed and I have a follow up appt at the end of Nov.

Hope that helps with the timescale.
It is worrying isnt it but hopefully all will be ok thanks

jimmum Sun 09-Aug-15 21:05:27

Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer me x

gordonpym Mon 10-Aug-15 12:32:52

Some skin cancer, like basal cell carcinoma , known as bcc, are not life threatening because they stay local and to not enter your lymph system. So yes, it may be cancer and yes you still don't need to lose your sleep on it.

I had a tiny bcc on my face, yet they had to make a very long scar, so bcc even if not dangerous are disfiguring. I was lucky to have an amazing plastic surgeon, and if I don't point it to you, you don't see it.

They don't need to do a biopsy to see if it is cancer. They have an ultraviolet sense, and they see the difference in texture and color. Cancer is blue. Then after removing it, they will do the test to identify the type and usually they test the tissue around to be sure, they haven't left some behind.

AutumnshadesofGold Wed 12-Aug-15 22:25:52

Oops had forgotten this thread. Your welcome Jimmum, hope everything works out well for you smile

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