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Period has arrived before going on holiday..HELP

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Ohla19 Sun 09-Aug-15 13:10:30


I had went to the doctors last week about stopping my period for going on holiday especially as I suffer from bad headaches, mood swings (pms) during the time of the month and with there being a hot tub. When I went to the doctors the doctor wasn't helpful at all and said he couldn't give me anything for pms or to stop periods because I'm on the implant but after googling norethisterone? it can be used even though I have the implant.. but it's too late now as I'm going on holiday tomorrow, I do have a box of patches as I was on them before but not sure if it would be safe and if this would stop my period as it's just started or if there is anything I can get to stop them over the counter or stop the symptoms of pms..please any help?

MyHeadCantAcceptThis Sun 09-Aug-15 13:15:58

If your period has already started, it's too late, I think. There's an off chance that a patch could shorten your period but it might jut make you hugely hormonal and worsen your pms.

I have norethisterone for when I stopped mine a few months ago but it does instruct you to start taking a few days before your period is due, and then keep taking it until you are happy for your period to start.

Ohla19 Sun 09-Aug-15 13:17:57

Aw damn! I wouldn't want to make it worse but my period is about 9 days long with the implant being in and it's a Monday to Friday holiday and had hoped I wouldn't be so low all week!

Hero1callylost Sun 09-Aug-15 13:26:58

Is it worth looking into a change of contraception longer term if you're getting bad side effects? The merina coil might worth exploring. They don't offer it so much before having children as it's easier to fit afterwards, but not impossible.

I had huge mood swings on the pill and didnt want to try the implant fir the same reason. The merina coil localises the hormones to the reproductive area so I think doesn't go into your blood stream, so you tend not to get the same side effects. It also slows your period or makes it virtually non- existent, so barely any hassle! I think some women get irregular spotting which is irritatingly unpredictable, but a lot don't get periods all.

Do your research then try going to the GP saying "I want to try X for X reasons" - they might listen better then!

Ohla19 Sun 09-Aug-15 13:30:25

Thanks for your help! Yeah looking at changing as the implant has just made me much worse! sad

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