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GUM result worries

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wheresmyfairygodmother Sat 08-Aug-15 20:36:34

Split with ex 4.5 yrs ago, he cheated. As far as I could see from emails etc it didn't overlap with us being 'intimate'. He swore he never slept with anyone while sleeping with me.

I recently needed a smear & faced that fear with an STI screen for good measure to put the worries behind me that he might have lied to me & given me something. I was preg when we split & all screens during preg were clear, we hadn't slept together after those preg screens & split while I was preg & I've been with no one since.

Today I got a letter from clinic saying attempts to contact me have failed so they've written to tell me to contact clinic ASAP to make appointment with the nurse. ASAP?? Any one had any experience of this, what does it mean?

Obv first thought is a positive result but is that possible if preg screen was clear & there's been NO sexual stuff since. My other worry is HIV takes a while to show, preg screen would've been within 3 months of our last sex so might not have shown? If I have something it's been festering for at least 5 yrs & it'll probably have done permanent damage to me as most do long term & have no symptoms. So scared & got to wait til Monday for any info.

Chocqueen99 Sat 29-Aug-15 00:01:25

Was it anything bad or just you over worrying? Which is exactly what I wud do its just human nature I think.

horsewalksintoabar Sat 29-Aug-15 00:08:39

Several years ago I had a similar situation. I was a single mother, split from father and just wanted to make sure everything was ok. I got the urgent letter. It turned out I had a yeast infection (no symptoms) and I needed to go back in for treatment. But I was panicking.
Sometimes smears come back abnormal if you have a yeast infection. It could be and most likely is something like that.

horsewalksintoabar Sat 29-Aug-15 00:12:35

P.S. ...if it's more serious, they book you to see a consultant rather than a nurse, I believe. That said, I dealt with a consultant, even for my very minor and easily cured yeast infection. Really, don't panic. They tend to be overly cautious.

Casmama Sat 29-Aug-15 00:22:58

Sometimes the sample for a smear gives an unclear result and they need to repeat it. Please try not to worry, you might just need them to redo the smear and it might not have anything to do with the infection screen at all.

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