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Constantly exhausted, blood tests fine, UTI - help!

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elementofsurprise Fri 07-Aug-15 14:52:01

As title suggests. I've always been prone to getting very tired at points due to stress/depression nightmares, however this time its not just a random flare up and has been going on for months, very much worse the last couple of weeks. Maybe longer, I'm finding it hard to keep track of time. Currently not working due to mental health issues, and have no DC so feel a bit pathetic being this knackered all the time!

I wake up, needing a wee, thinking it's the middle of the night cos it feels like it/i'm still half asleep. Looking at the clock tells me thats nine hours sleep and I should be awake! I've needed more sleep than average since I was a teenager, but 9 hours should be fine! In fact I did go through this exhaustion but nothing showing on blood tests as a teen, however home situation was difficult and I just didn't have the time/space to relax, just had to keep going and keep my head down so understandably that plus hiding depression was tiring. However this worries me as the tests I had done then would now be considered my 'normal', and i've read that things like thyroid dysfunction might give tests results in the normal rage but only the comparison with earlier blood tests will show a difference/decline.

I feel so tired, my body feels heavy to drag around, and my mind foggy. Even when my mind is feeling sharper, my body feels an effort to move, as if I am a tiny person in a great big costume.

Since before Xmas, I have been having looser/softer stinky (sorry!) bowel movements, still at the same time of day but with more urgency, bloating, gas etc, I more frequently, and interpersed with a feeling of constipation and actual diarrhoea at some points. Have mentioned this to GP who just writes it down so feel like I'm making something out of nothing...

Was diagnosed with endometriosis after a few years of painful periods, had a laparoscopy in May. I'm aware bowel symptoms can accompany this, and apparently there was endo on my bowel (though mild otherwise) however it has made no difference to these symptoms, except that they no longer worsen as much during my period.

I also have had a UTI for goodness knows how long. It was six weeks between testing and finding out the results, but the symptoms like pain when bladder is full have been going on years! Have had course of antibiotics and that does feel better, but could I still have it/it's done something else?

Also randomly feel achy but put it down to not exercising enough atm/getting old (only 30 tho...) And other symptoms but I'm never sure what's anxiety... was all tingly al over the over day, also feel weird lower back pain/burning sensation on and off, and feel distant from reality... but I think these are mainly anxiety. Oh, and sick, in the morning especially. (Not pregnant unless immaculate conception...)

Wondered about diabetes too but they said the random blood glucose test would show that - is that true? Thought it had to be a fasting test...

I'm sorry this is so long, didn't want to miss anything. I'd appreciate any thoughts/advice...

WanderWomble Fri 07-Aug-15 22:12:19

Have you considered sleep apnoea?

It'd account for some of your symptoms and makes you feel generally rubbish.

I'd press for a full blood panel (including fasting bloods) and ask about a sleep assessment.

elementofsurprise Sat 08-Aug-15 14:54:01

Thanks. The only risk factor I have for sleep apnoea is smoking (yeh, I know... finding it hard to quit due to other factors... considering hypnotherapy.) And my previous DP did not notice it... but did notice when I was more depressed I would flail around in the night etc so maybe it is just that.
Will try sleep hygeine methods and see. Am seeing GP for follow up appt. too.

elementofsurprise Sat 08-Aug-15 14:57:42

Meant to add, I feel a bit more awake today and although I woke up a couple of time in the night, it felt like I had been in a very deep sleep prior to waking. So it probably is psychological/sleep related. Damn! Not so easy to fix as vitamin deficiency!

Still clueless as to the bowel symptoms though.

Kewcumber Sat 08-Aug-15 15:00:36

Do the Epworth score test anyway - so your GP if you score high.

Kewcumber Sat 08-Aug-15 15:01:47

I would push GP for change in bowel habits to be investigated if they have been consistent.

ArabellaRockerfella Sun 09-Aug-15 00:17:15

I had severe exhaustion and anaemia due to heavy periods. Blood test also showed I was low in Vit D. I took Feraglobin and a high dose Vit D (non prescription) and it made the world of difference for me. Did the blood test check Vit D.

elementofsurprise Sun 09-Aug-15 16:09:15

Yes, checked for vit D. I had a vit D deficiency a few years back so watch that one now. This feels the same tbh, maybe a bit more 'mental' symptoms.

lucretiab Mon 10-Aug-15 12:08:57

I've just posted this link on another thread but it may well be relevant to you too. .

There is alot of information on there, need to wade through but some of what you're describing is on here.

My experience is that if you have mh problems to both you and your gp are more likely to dismiss/feel exasperated by everything, and you really need to be your own advocate.

Spend some time on these ideas and if any of it resonates go armed to the gp with a concise list of linked ideas and let him knock them all out the park. . Or maybe agree to send you for a few more tests

Good luck, I empathise.

Knittingnoodles Tue 11-Aug-15 15:58:42

Element, do you think you could have diverticular disease, that can cause the symptoms you describe, including UTIs. I hope you get sorted out soon. Also if you have had a uti for a long time then ask for low dose of antibiotics which you can take every day. Keep on pestering you GP.

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