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Gilbert syndrome

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Simplemind Fri 07-Aug-15 10:53:36

I believe my dm has gilberts syndrome and blood tests have always showed a slightly elevated bilirubin levels that her GP has never been concerned about. She has been a bit stressed and run down recently and I think she looks a little jaundice. Anyone had any experience how long jaundice lasts in gilberts syndrome.

AbsintheMakesTheHeart Fri 07-Aug-15 10:59:18

My dh and dd have it. The symptoms come and go - I notice the yellowness in their eyes can last a few days or a week, but not really much longer than that. Also, it's fairly mild - not alarming or instantly hit-you-in-the-face obvious. My dh has phases when he'll go off any kind of rich food and just want to eat green stuff for a while, which I guess is when his GS is having a bit of a flare up, but otherwise it doesn't really have much impact on their lives. Hope your mum feels better soon.

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