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Where can I find baby/child First Aid Courses?

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LauraGas Thu 23-Nov-06 17:17:01

Would really like to do a first aid course in case of emergency with my 6month old DS - does anyone know of any companies that run them?


batters Thu 23-Nov-06 17:24:21

My dp did a one day course at the weekend with St John's Ambulance.

castlesintheair Thu 23-Nov-06 17:25:53

You can ask your h/v. Mine in north London (5 years ago) organised one for us as part of a post-natal group.

WigWamBam Thu 23-Nov-06 17:25:58

St John Ambulance do them - link here

Click on Choose a Course and you'll find Early Years and Lifesaver for Babies and Children under the Home and Leisure category. Search by postcode to find the nearest ones to you.

porpoise Thu 23-Nov-06 17:26:15

Both St John's Ambulance and the Red Cross run special courses for parents/carers. Look here and here
If you're in London,there's a company called the Parent Company that will come and do them in your own home - but you'd have to team up with some other parents or it will cost you a bomb.

AmyMcLean Wed 05-Aug-15 15:56:40

Unsure if your still on the hunt for a first aid course but I really enjoyed the course I did through Little Ones London. Here's the link:

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