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Cold for 4 weeks

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Buster08 Sat 01-Aug-15 11:28:03

I caught a cold 4 weeks ago when camping and it's still as bad as ever. My sinuses are constantly blocked and I've got a phlemy cough. It felt like it was clearing up at one point but started back up again.

Mornings are worst, I get a lot of mucus at the back of my throat and have to cough for ages to get going.

Is it worth seeing the gp or will it eventually clear up? I don't feel unwell but it's just frustrating and tiring, constantly blowing my nose and sniffling.

tarashill Sun 02-Aug-15 00:18:12

My DH has had a cold now for 8 weeks, constantly blowing his nose with one nostril permanently blocked. He did see the doctor who told him to buy sudafed, but it's not done any good.

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