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ovaryhill Fri 31-Jul-15 16:21:21

Does anyone have any experience of this? My husband just been diagnosed with this and has fistula
between bowel and bladder and will need an operation
We were wondering about time in hospital, recovery time etc

gobbin Sun 02-Aug-15 00:31:27

I have Crohns and had a bladder/bowel fistula operated on in 1999. I was in hospital for two weeks and off work for twelve in total. This was a laparotomy, not keyhole.

I've had bowel surgery twice in the last year and it's common now to be up and about the day after and out of hospital within a week if no other complications. (I had complications both times but that's just my Chronie bowels!) Time off work was expected to be 6-8 wks for the recent op and 12 for the bigger one last year. Was allowed to drive as soon as I could do an emergency stop properly (around 6 weeks post op).

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