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Fungal skin infections

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fatpony Wed 29-Jul-15 08:53:20

Wondering if anyone else has this problem? I use public transport everyday (tube) and often cannot get a seat which means holding on to the rail/bar thing. Without fail if I do that and cannot quickly enough wash my hands afterwards I get a skin infection which takes ages to go, it's particularly in the bends of the fingers and the skin between thumb and first finger, the skin cracks and spreads out in a circle/fissures - I use a Boots fungal skin cream which does treat it but I wondered if there was something I could add to my diet? It's so bloody annoying, I can feel it 'starting' because my skin tingles. I have a baby so don't want to touch him too much with this infection thing (although don't actually know if it's contagious from skin to skin).

I've caught it on other metros like Dubai and buses so it's not just London. Other than that I have great immunity to general coughs and colds (rarely ill and never had flu etc ) so v lucky in that regard.

Maybe I should give in and wear plastic gloves?!

Haggisfish Wed 29-Jul-15 08:56:09

Why not just wear cotton gloves? Don't have to be rubber!

fatpony Wed 29-Jul-15 08:57:50

Haggis I know but it'll look so odd with tshirts/summer clothes!

Haggisfish Wed 29-Jul-15 09:15:42

I don't think so if you just use them on public transport. And who cares if it looks odd-surely better than skin infections?!

Haggisfish Wed 29-Jul-15 09:16:15

fatpony Wed 29-Jul-15 12:49:43

I might have to resort to something like that! I was hoping to hear if anyone has found a solution to this kind of problem - as I have good health and immunity generally it's a bit odd to always, always be susceptible to every skin thing going - I only have to put a toe into a public shower without flip flips on and come down with athlete's foot type things. Grim!

KurriKurri Wed 29-Jul-15 17:13:06

I get a fungal thing on my hands too - mine is like little blisters that itch and ten burst and spreads all over my palms. I find what works best for mine have tried all sorts of fungal creams) is tea tree oil. I get it in a little bottle (lots of places sell it- superdrug, body shop etc) put some on cotton wool ball and wipe it over the sore area.

I also use anti bac gel if I'm out and about and can't wash my hands, but I think it's important not to let your hands get over dry as cracked skin can let in infection. I use dermol 500 moisturizer it is anti bac, anti microbe etc and you can wash your hands with it as well as using it as a moisturizer.

here it is quite expensive, but you can probably get smaller amount cheaper, I got mine on prescription so it was cheaper.

fatpony Thu 30-Jul-15 20:08:33

Thanks Kurri for the suggestions. I'll def get tea tree and look into the anti bac...

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