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Hip pain

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sksk Tue 28-Jul-15 15:04:54

My right hip has been sore for 2-3 months, worse when driving. About 1 month ago, I put my lower back out (maybe the hip issue was actually stemming from the lower back?). The back pain has eased, though still not 100% as I still have some soreness with certain movements and some soreness in the tailbone region. The hip was better when the back was recovering from the very acute spasm (possibly due to all the medication). It sort of feels "tight" in the hip/groin area on that side, if that makes sense, and it's rather sore at the moment. My maximum driving time is 45 mins one way, though can often be short drives. I should mention my job, toddler and lots of typing as I'm writing a thesis can't have helped, but any ideas what it might be or stretches that could help?

Neednewflowers Tue 28-Jul-15 15:51:19

Could be bursitis?
I have steroid injections every 3/4 months rhat eases the pain quite a bit but I still can't sleep ony right side.
Have you been to your GP?

sksk Tue 28-Jul-15 16:08:57

Hi, it is not painful to lie on that side. I haven't been to the GP yet, I thought I would wait and see how things are after my thesis is finished/maybe do some stretches myself. Was thinking of getting some physio though I get chiropractic treatment every 6 weeks or so for general reasons. Basically, I think the GP will just tell me to exercise and take paracetamol, so I want to see how things go first. I've put a magnet plaster on but might need some ibuprofen. Is there a maximum number of times you can have steroid injections?

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