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Diagnose my foot (pic)

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Twolefttoes Tue 28-Jul-15 12:24:35

I know no one can diagnose over the internet, more of a what would you do type of question...

Pharmacist thinks possible fracture, I don't remember hurting it though and surely I would if there was a break, she was quite positive it wasn't gout...

Can't get in to the GP until Thurs, should I wait or go to A&E (it's not an accident or emergency but no walk in's around here).

Very painful on the ball of my foot, big toe joint and big toe. Can't bend my big toe, limping etc. It came on over the weekend and getting worse, suddenly developed swelling today and the colour is different to my other foot.

Ibuprofen doing nothing. If it was broken I don't think they could do anything anyway.

The star on the pic is to hide my hairy toes grin, it's the left foot.

PestoSwimissimos Tue 28-Jul-15 12:32:26

No idea, get yourself to your GP

Preminstreltension Tue 28-Jul-15 13:03:11

spider bite? There seems to have been a spate of them recently and we have had one person in the office limping round in flip flips as a result.

Twolefttoes Tue 28-Jul-15 13:17:14

Thanks I don't remember being bitten, gives me the shivers just thinking about spider bites!

IKnowRight Tue 28-Jul-15 13:26:41

OOf OP that looks nasty. I think that if the pharmacist suspects a fracture then you need to get yourself to A&E, it will need to be xrayed. If you go to your GP and they suspect a fracture, they'll only send you there anyway.

Good luck

Eva50 Tue 28-Jul-15 14:17:31

I would go to A&E. You have consulted a pharmacist and attempted to visit your GP without success. I think, especially as it is a different colour, it should be looked at today.

lynniep Tue 28-Jul-15 14:29:23

looks like elephant foot - which is the name I give to my foot when I've been bitten by something and my foot swells up alarmingly. Its happened 3 times over the years and I've not felt 'the bite' but I've certainly seen the aftermath. Has always happened in a foreign country to me though. And never that painful. I agree. A&E.

Preminstreltension Tue 28-Jul-15 15:22:42

Neither of the two people I know who have had this this month knew they had been bitten or had been out of the country. Agree that you need A&E.

And I don't agree with this whole thing that A&E is for life threatening emergencies only. You need urgent medical attention and you need the range of diagnostics A&E can provide (ie, more than the GP). I know we shouldn't misuse A&E but it's really getting ridiculous when people are afraid to go there in case their problem is not bad enough.

Mrsmorton Tue 28-Jul-15 15:25:22


Twolefttoes Tue 28-Jul-15 16:16:08

I have just come back from a walk in centre, none near where I live but someone from work knew of one near our office.

They think it has been caused by trauma and have prescribed strong anti inflammatories. She said it's quite swollen and discoloured but didn't send me for an x-ray so mustn't be too concerned. Kept checking I couldn't remember hurting it, I really can't.

Thanks for your advice etc. Glad its been looked at and hopefully the tablets will kick in soon.

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