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Nose running like a tap

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teacherwith2kids Tue 28-Jul-15 08:35:18

I have always suffered from hayfever, usually well under control with loratidine.

Occasionally - most recently yesterday, which is why I am posting - I do get 'hayfever-like' symptoms briefly, that then become focused on a very, very, very runny nose. To give some indication of how runny, I have to either hold my nostrils closed or hold a handkerchief under them all the time to prevent it literally pouring down my face. Anything I lie on and handkerchiefs are soaked very rapidly - a normal white cotton 'man's' handkerchief is soaked within say 15 minutes.

Clear liquid, though if I do manage to sleep for a while at night and thus cause it to 'pool' it turns yellow and gungy.

I now, of course, feel lousy through lack of liquid and sleep!

Does anyone have any suggestions for treatments that they have used successfully? Decongestants are not useful, as they tend to make things more runny rather than less. Topical antihistamines a) get washed out and b) antihistamines taken once the tap has started running seem to have no effect - it's as if once the allergic response has started, this part of it kicks into 'overdrive' and then can't be stopped.

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