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Abnormal period

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Minniemagoo Tue 28-Jul-15 08:15:33

This is a bit of a WWYD and may be a bit TMI.
Last Wednesday I started what I thought was my period, bang on time. However all I have had is a week of dark brown discharge when I wipe with some fresh red streaks, about once a day. It's very light and mainly only when I wipe.
I am definitely not pregnant, am 40 so a bit early for menopausal changes, have normalish period cramps.
I haven't had this before and am wondering what the reason and is it something I need to see a GP about.

ArabellaRockerfella Tue 28-Jul-15 18:44:21

I was about this age when my cycle started going weird. It carried on for a few years before things got unmanageable and I've just had an endometrial ablation. Anyhoo thats another story!
What I would say is just monitor things for a few cycles before going to the GP. I am not menopausal either but my problems were put down to hormonal fluctuations and an ovarian cyst!

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