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Blood test results - can anyone help?

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LifeIsJustThis Mon 27-Jul-15 17:44:33


I've been waiting for some blood test results ordered by my gastro consultant as I'm undergoing investigation for possible crohns, colitis, coeliac or pernicious anemia.

The Secretary sent the results she had to my GP, but she said some were outstanding and would be for up to four weeksshock I've just phoned the GP surgery and the receptionist told me the doctor has written a letter which I will receive 'soon' but she wouldn't tell me the results over the phone. They've previously had no problem telling me all clear results over the phone.

So no I'm obviously panicking. Anyone fancy handing me a grip?wink Or have any idea which tests would take so long so I can at least get some idea of what might be going on?

Yes, I know I should just wait for the letter but it's taken eight months to get to this point and I'm bloody fed up tbh sad

PoshPenny Mon 27-Jul-15 21:48:32

The antibody tests (eg coeliac tissue transglutaminase) does take longer than the normal blood tests which seem to be back writhing 24 hours usually, but I don't know anything about the other ones you're being tested for to say if one of them is also a longer test.

movelikeboov Tue 28-Jul-15 05:45:38

As previous poster said, the coeliac TTG test can take up to four weeks to come back (in my area at least). If anything that needed urgent medical attention was showing then you'd have had a call and that would be treated in the interim.

LifeIsJustThis Tue 28-Jul-15 08:06:51

Okay thanks, I'll just nervously await the postman then. My GP does have form for informing me of diagnoses by letter (because she can't be arsed to do it in person) so well see.

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