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Really daft question about tampons

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NotNormal Sun 26-Jul-15 11:02:13

I had a convo with my girlfriends last night about tampons. In short, when I try and wee with them in the wee flow is restricted and it's often uncomfortable to go, especially if I'm using tampons for heavy flow. It would appear I'm alone in this if my conversation last night was anything to go by. Tampon users, do you have the same thing?

I ask because I also suffer from recurrent cystitis and I'm on low-dose ABs to treat this. I wondered if a) I'm normal and if not b) could my cystitis be related? In other words, is my urethra too close to my vagina and that's why I get cystitis every time I have sex?

Really sorry for TMI - don't know where else I can ask these questions!

HarriH92 Sun 26-Jul-15 12:33:04

I've always had the same and never known why! Just assumed it was bad positioning x

pinkfrocks Sun 26-Jul-15 13:19:24

If the tampon presses against the urethra which is on the other side of your vaginal wall, then it will impede the flow of wee.
Have you had children?
You may have a slight bladder prolapse which means your bladder and urethra have 'dropped' and this can make it harder for urine to flow out which sometimes makes you more likely to get an infection ( from stale urine left in the bladder.) Tampons might also squash your bladder (especially if they aren't inserted high enough) and make it harder for the urine to come out, though in some women if the bladder has dropped the tampon can support it and make weeing easier!
You might like to ask your GP to refer you to a gynae for an examination to see if everything's in the right place.
Do you wash before and after sex, empty your bladder before and also straight afterwards?

NotNormal Sun 26-Jul-15 18:46:30

pinkfrocks - no biological children (step kids though). I've had this issue since I very first had sex. Seen several consultants and long-term ABs is the best they've come up with (taken every time I have sex to prevent infection). I think I have OBBI - a very stubborn infection in the bladder, the bacteria of which hide behind a robust biofilm... That's the best answer I've come up with in the last 15 years anyway! It could well be the shape / positioning too although unlikely to be a prolapse I guess. I wonder if it's worth mentioning to my GP.

Yes, always wash before and after, usually wee afterwards. I'm very clean (usually wash down there after going to the loo regardless of whether I'm going to have sex lol).

Thanks for your replies!

pinkfrocks Sun 26-Jul-15 20:26:16

Do you have any problems any time other than after sex or using tampons? Have you thought about IC/ Painful Bladder Syndrome? This can be irritated during /after sex but you'd normally have other symptoms at other times.

NotNormal Sun 26-Jul-15 22:48:10

I had thought about that, but the antibiotics keep me symptom-free so I'm sure it's bacterial.

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