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Worried about pelvic pain

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Worried1976 Sat 25-Jul-15 09:31:40

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced symptoms like mine and it turned out to be something not too serious. I've got terrible health anxiety and my stomach is in knots this morning. Can't get to the GP until Monday and I'm self diagnosing all sorts of nasties..
For a week I've had lower pelvic pain/pressure with some stinging/burning sensation down below (although passing urine no problem and not painful). I kind of feel a pressure in my rectal area and have had some sharp twingeing pains down there too. I have had a lot of quite large bowel movements (sorry tmi) but these seem soft and normal. The cramps haven't stopped though and this morning I woke up and sat on the loo and had a load of bright red vaginal bleeding, this happened again an hour later when I had another bowel movement.
My period isn't due for over a week, I had a normal smear back in March but now I'm terrified I have something really nasty going on. I sent a urine sample to the doctors but can't see anyone until Monday obviously.
If anyone has any ideas or a few reassuring words I'd be so grateful, my partner is working today, I'm at home with the kids and completely preoccupied by this. I feel I need to get a firm grip but can't!

Diggum Sat 25-Jul-15 09:45:46

Well the fact that it's all come on so quickly makes it less likely to be anything sinister.

Are you sure the bleeding was vaginal rather than rectal? Because it sounds like haemorrhoids to me in every other respect.

Worried1976 Sat 25-Jul-15 09:59:33

Thanks for replying Diggum, yes I'm sure the bleeding is vaginal. I'm trying to keep calm and not let my thoughts run away with me. I'm determined to stay off google.

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