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Has anyone had long term earache diagnosed as neuralgia

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HappydaysArehere Fri 24-Jul-15 10:09:50

Seen a consultant who has come to the conclusion that the cause is neuralgia. He is writing to GP suggesting medication. He has also arranged for a MRI in a few weeks time. The pain is every day but comes and goes. It's an ache which is also burning. It can go for a couple of hours and then return. Always there in the mornings, evenings and if I wake up at night. Feeling fed up as I don't fancy this for the rest of my life. Grateful for any help!

CharleyDavidson Mon 27-Jul-15 22:16:12

Hi Happy. I have trigeminal neuralgia and I get pain in my ear frequently. It's awful and you have my sympathies. Glossopharyngeal neuralgia is one form that gives pain mostly in the throat and ear.

I have had an MRI which pinpointed the likely cause for my TN. I have a sympathetic GP who referred me to a neurologist who ordered the MRI and gave me a second opinion on the medication.

I was first put on carbamazepine, but I couldn't handle the side effects so was switched to gabapentine. I still have side effects, but ones I can cope with. It leaves me with some (manageable) ear and face pain, but nothing like the attacks I used to have.

I totally get the whole 'rest of my life' thing. I hate that. I would love to be pain and medication free but mostly I'm glad that I know what the problem is and that there is something I can take that makes my life bearable.

There is a neualgia/nerve pain general thread in General health where lots of people have checked in.

HappydaysArehere Mon 03-Aug-15 08:52:48

Thank you Charley. I have just seen your posting so I am sorry I have not thanked you before. I have an appointment to see GP and one of the suggestions on the consultants letter is gabapentine or amatrypline. I didn't realise there was a thread on the subject. You have been really helpful. I am having the MRI on the 18th August to eliminate any other cause so will feel happier after that. I find a hot drink helps for a short time. Thank you again.

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