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tired in afternoon, nasal inflamation / sores, hyperpigmentation, dry skin / hair - any ideas?

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griselda101 Thu 23-Jul-15 20:30:58

I seem to have a recurring thing that happens every so often and wondered if anyone had any ideas... it seems to last a couple of weeks then pass.

it's a bit strange but it seems to start with inflamed / sores on the inside of my nostrils, like the tissue is inflamed. It's not painful but I can feel it there.

Then I get really tired in the afternoon, like I can barely keep my eyes open, really fatigued, which seems to pass after a few hours. Dark eye circles.

My skin / hair seem to go super dry - e.g. hands go whiter / drier around the knuckles, hair goes all frizzy and unmanageable

And I seem to get pigmentation issues on my face, small brownish spots around my eyes / nose and over my face, like freckles

In addition to this with the first flare up I had really bad dizziness that came and went and a few headaches, I don't seem to have had this with more recent episodes. I also seemed to have some darker patches under my armpits which I haven't seen since.

It started maybe 4-5 months ago and has happened maybe 3 or 4 times.

I have been tested by the GP for thyroid, diabetes which both came back negative, and seem to be fine on all my vitamin and iron levels etc.

I was thinking it might be stress (am LP to a 2.5yo and always busy / exhausted), or it might be borderline thyroid, or maybe something else. I've not been back to the GP since the first episode, as it hasn't been as bad since, but as it has recurred a few times I am wondering if it's worth going back again.

If anyone has any ideas on what it might be I would welcome them!

MakeItACider Fri 24-Jul-15 07:56:34

An allergic reaction to a scent or air borne chemical? If its starting in the nostrils it sounds like something you're breathing in.

Could be a cleaning spray you use occasionally, ditto a pefume. If a rural area perhaps a spray on crops.

HyacinthBouquetNo1 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:10:35

Have you had any blood tests for lupus? That was my first thought on your symptoms

griselda101 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:13:11

thanks makeit, I don't think it is as I've not been using anything different (don't use many home chemicals either - avoid if poss) or live in a rural area. I'm not really an allergic person either. Also I would have thought that the pigmentation issues, tiredness etc are less likely to be caused by an airborne guess is autoimmune related or hormone related. If anyone else has ideas they would be welcomed!

Pinbeak Fri 24-Jul-15 11:16:22

Addison's disease?

griselda101 Fri 24-Jul-15 15:48:55

hyacinth - thank you, i actually have thought it might be lupus, and given my first bout appeared to be triggered by IPL hair removal, which uses UV light, and lupus can be triggered by UV exposure I think it's entirely possible...!

pinbeak - also considered this and adrenal fatigue...may do a bit more research online for both this and lupus.

thanks people!!

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