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Breast uplift

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KissMyFatArse Thu 23-Jul-15 17:51:28

Just home from hospital today. Had uplift on tue evening. Feeling very sore and tired. Drains came out this morning which was very nippy.

Anyone had this op and can give me their own experience?

niceupthedance Thu 23-Jul-15 17:57:23

Yes I had one two months ago - I posted on a thread during the first week saying I felt like I had been hit by a bus! My advice is take it very easy, I was easily tired out for almost four weeks. But I'm very happy with the results now.

KissMyFatArse Thu 23-Jul-15 18:00:40

Thanks for reply nice.

I am exhausted but can only sleep for an hour or so on and off. Still on lots of painkillers and bandaged up. Think I might need a bigger surgical bra because it feels so squashed.

How is your scaring? And was there a big difference from before the op to now?

niceupthedance Thu 23-Jul-15 19:26:40

Sleeping on your back is a bit of a pain, but you get used to it. I was off painkillers after four or five days, it was more uncomfortable than painful. Also the swelling went down a lot after a week and the bra was more comfy.

I was wearing an F cup before, now I am a D! And I can go out with no bra on, hurrah! The scars are longer than I thought, but I think mine turned out to be a bigger job than expected - I don't think they'll bother me too much.
Hope you get some rest tonight.

KissMyFatArse Thu 23-Jul-15 23:48:03

Thanks nice, I'm shattered and taken more painkillers so hope I'll be knocked out for a couple of hourswink

They look so high at the moment compared to the shockingly droopey breasts I had become used but know they'll drop naturally too.

Can I ask about nipple sensation? Did you lose it/regain it etc?

niceupthedance Fri 24-Jul-15 05:58:13

No didn't lose any sensation, in fact they are still over-sensitive but apparently that calms down too.

Whatever you do don't google all the post-op scare stories... I got in a bit of a panic after doing that but my recovery was straightforward.

How are you doing today?

KissMyFatArse Fri 24-Jul-15 14:56:33

I'll try not too, but I've googled almost everything else about it!

Just uncomfortable and still using Tramadol. Ordered a larger bra last night so looking forward to that arriving as its so tight over my ribs that it feels like its cutting in.

I can't wait to see them without the bandages, they will look a mess with all the stiches but even that will be an improvement!

Are you overall happy with yours now?

KissMyFatArse Fri 24-Jul-15 22:57:18


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