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Any radiology people here to decipher brain lesions found?

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GoodGollyMissMollyItsQuiet Thu 23-Jul-15 16:01:07

Ok so I have a few auto immune diseases,one being psoriatic arthritis and then I got fibro this year too.About a year ago I developed tinnitus,multiple sounds and pulsatile too and started having dizzy spells and always wobbled to the right.Then I had a few episodes of feeling a vertigo sensation whilst sitting still,again the flip was to the right.

So off I go to ENT and he tests everything and can't find a reason so I had a CT done,expecting nothing to show of course.Well it has shown something and the report says recommend an MRI (I have a fear of those things but that's another matter). Apparently the lesions are in the front left hand lobe and are chronic ischemic lesions and because I'm not old,in my 40's they need further investigation.

Now surprisingly for me I'm not actually panicking! But is it possible that these are auto immune related lesions? Rheumy has put lupus back on the table and has tested me for vasculitis too due to other new symptoms.Don't think it's MS as I know people with that and it doesn't fit.But I have had a bit of a personality change in the last year and my memory is getting increasingly worse.And I keep falling asleep without any real warning but not all the time so not narcolepsy either I don't think!

So can anyone shed any light because I'm not back to ENT for nearly 4 weeks and not sure they will have the knowledge of a neuro?

Thanks to anyone that can help,like I say not overly worried because what's done is done but am very curious. And apologies if it sounds like I am mad hmm

Twodogsandahooch Thu 23-Jul-15 17:26:44

Good Golly

Am not sure anyone is going to be able to give you much advice on this. But TBH your symptoms do not entirely fit with the CT findings you describe.

You really need to wait for the MRI - this will give far more information.

Good luck and hope the next few weeks aren't too stressful.

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