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Can anyone tell me about infection tracking?

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Nospringflower Thu 23-Jul-15 15:27:07

I have a blister on the palm of my hand - got from making up a bed for my son and using the screwdriver for screwing in the holes. Did this on Tuesday. The blister isn't open at all but is really sore and has become sorer as time goes on.
Have just been tidying up some books (so thinking maybe carrying them has scraped my are) but was looking at hand because it was aching and have noticed a bit of a red line down from near the blister.
But, the line doesn't look deep down and also isn't right down the veins that can be seen but is more alongside. Not sure if this is anything to worry about or not?
Also not sure if it is somehow infected (although don't know how it can be because the skin isn't broken) how quickly you have to act e.g. can I just wait and see until tomorrow or should I do something now and if so what?
Thanks and sorry its so long and with probably unnecessary info about doing up my children's rooms!

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