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Bum things going on :(

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TenYearsIsALongTime Thu 23-Jul-15 10:53:44

Not a poo troll. If I was I would post in Chat to get maximum responses.

I've tried to search this topic but I'm really not sure what to search for. My googling only seems to bring up results that relate to much more serious problems than what I currently have. However, I'm feeling really embarrassed and worried about this...

I'm in my late 30s, never had any pregnancies. In the last six months I have started to have occasional fecal soiling in my underwear. This occurs sometime after I have been to the loo, and have wiped until all clear. Sometime later, there seems to be a little bit more that sneaks out. I'm unaware of it, it's not a huge amount, but it's not normal for me.

I have had very mild haemorrhoids occasionally over the last couple of years but just put that down to getting on a bit and some mild bouts of constipation. I can't say with certainty that I have noticed the soiling being worse/more frequent when constipated, or when suffering from the odd 'roid.

Anyone else experienced this? Is it possible I have a skin tag or something? Is is related to the haemorrhoids? For full disclosure, I do sometimes indulge in anal sex blush but it is infrequent and very very gentle.

Thanks for reading about my bum! And in advance for responses.

MarthaCostello Thu 23-Jul-15 12:49:20

No experience of this, but I think you should see your GP. No one can diagnose a skin tag or anything without an examination. They'll have seen it all before (and much worse!).

All the best flowers

Reekypear Thu 23-Jul-15 15:42:35

What has probably happened is that due to trauma your sphincter muscles is no longer tight enough, this can be because of piles that have prolapsed and healed and formed a skin tag. Or due to your other activities.

Address your diet, cut right down on fatty foods and coffee, thus should help with the leakage, also use wet wipes, not toilet paper.

But probs see yoyr gp too.

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