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Biliary Stent Reconstruction - Gallstone Saga

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JKSLtd Thu 23-Jul-15 08:32:53

10 months ago my DH had a serious gallstone attack.
He developed pancreatitis, had his gall bladder removed and after 10 days in hospital came home.

Since then he's yoyo-ed in and out of hospital with every conceivable (and some not) complication.
He's had multiple pseudo cysts on his pancreas.
He's had severe jaundice and several/multi organ near-failure (spleen, lungs, liver, intestines, etc. even his heart was misbehaving at times).

He was in hospital for all of January when a biliary stent was put in as the pancreas had swelled around the duct and squished it.

This stent moved upwards around a corner and folded up on itself. V rare apparently!
Second stent also moved. Downwards until it's end was blocked.

Endoscopy yesterday put in two stents side by side. Not really sure why. But smaller stent that will hopefully stay in place.
Stent doc recommend we wait 3 months then take them out and see if the duct stays open.

Having had long discussions with his lovely consultant we don't want to wait and see. We've done that a lot and got nowhere.

So our plan is for him to recover from a liver access and current sepsis infection, come home. Then go back in a few weeks for the op.

Anyone done/been through similar?
What was life like afterwards? What are the long term implications of rerouting part of the bowel?

Are we being blinded by the niceness of the consultant into something very major that we should think more about?
Not that we want to wait about and then in 3 months make the same decision.

Any thoughts welcome smile

JKSLtd Thu 23-Jul-15 08:37:57

Doh. Title should read- Biliary Duct Reconstruction!

Obsessed by stents!

JKSLtd Fri 24-Jul-15 08:07:38

Bump for the Saturday crowd.

JKSLtd Fri 24-Jul-15 20:36:12

Trying another bump?

peskypanc Sat 25-Jul-15 07:49:35

I've not had the same as your husband, but something similar- pancreatic necrosis, reoccurring pseudo cysts, failed stenting etc and thought I'd recommend trying the pancreatitis support forum for advice - I know a few people there have had that op and might be able to give you some better advice/ some reassurance. Take care

JKSLtd Sat 25-Jul-15 09:20:28

Thanks so much I'll have a look.

He's had some necrosis too. Basically everything has gone wrong so I'm wondering what are the chances of getting through this next op without a complication!

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