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Left breast & underarm pain

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sugarhoops Mon 20-Jul-15 14:01:56

Hi all,
I know this has probably been done to death (a quick mumsnet search shows lots of similar previous posts), but I've been having left underarm pain that seems to radiate into my left breast (or perhaps going from breast into underarm, not sure) for 6 months now.

I originally experienced it during the Christmas holidays - after panicking and checking for lumps (none) I decided it was because I (a) had a crazy health kick and went running every other day for 2 weeks during christmas hols (most unlike me!) and (b) was carrying my over-tired and snotty 3.5yo on my left hip nearly the entire 2 week break.

After realising it was hurting, I stopped carrying 3.5yo and pain pretty much completely disappeared.

It then reappeared 3 months later - again, I assumed i'd fallen back into old ways so made a conscious effort to not carry on hip again. Pain went.

Now 3 months later its reappeared. I've been to see Dr this morning and i've been referred to the breast clinic. Dr checked my breasts and said they look fine and he can't feel any lumps, but he thinks breast clinic is the best first port of call.

I am going to try evening primose / star oil and also reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption whilst waiting for appt to come through.

Swing from feeling terrified to calm. Anyone experienced similar recently?

Artistic Mon 20-Jul-15 19:31:03

My mum recently had shingles in the area of her left breast. She has a 'radiating' pain between breast & underarm due to nerve damage. Your pain sounds similar so could it be something to do with nerve pain? Carrying my infant has caused me severe pain in my left if you have a nerve problem perhaps that's flaring up when you carry weight on that side of your body? Hope it's something simple & nothing to worry about.

Artistic Mon 20-Jul-15 19:32:02

My mum used a cold ice pack. It's the only thing that takes away the pain. Perhaps not useful to find out the root cause but at least a remedy!

sugarhoops Tue 21-Jul-15 09:39:39

Thanks artistic - I do wonder if it is something to do with nerve damage. Since seeing the doctor yesterday, the breast pain has completely disappeared and now i'm just left with a slightly sore upper left arm. My breast clinic appointment came through this morning too (2 weeks today) and so now i'm feeling like a slight fraud as no breast pain right now. Still, its been coming and going for 6 months now so it may well come back and i'd really like to rule out anything serious before investigating alternatives. I have been making a massive effort not to carry my 3.5yo on my left hip, or carry any heavy school bags on that side (I usually have a million school bags / lunch boxes dumped on me at school pick up, and I always carry over my left arm). Poor arm, its probably having a major protest at overuse.

Artistic Tue 21-Jul-15 14:05:18

Nerve pain does come & go. Am sure a bit of rest & specific pain killers can help. Try to contain the damage if you can do that it doesn't become a chronic pain. Good luck!

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