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Scan for PCOS

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perrita Mon 20-Jul-15 12:00:22

I have a vaginal ultrasound scan booked for today and I'm feeling very nervous. I have PCOS and have had one of these scans before but I've been experiencing irregular bleeding so going again to check. I'm worried as it will be a male doctor and not a female ultrasound tech this time round, and about the possibility of something worse coming up? Are you allowed to take someone into the room with you, does anyone know? (My mum is coming as my car broke down and she has an appointment at the hospital before me, I'm not a total wuss I promise!grin) Not sure whether I'd even want her to come in but might be nice to have the option?

LumpyCustard69 Mon 20-Jul-15 16:57:20

I was diagnosed with PCOS and had an internal scan a few years back. It was pretty similar to a smear test. It never mattered to me about gender of doctor, but I have always found that the male doctors tend to be a lot gentler ime.
My husband went with me and was in the room for the scan, and watched the scan and all the cysts on the screen etc. I don't know if things are different in different areas or if things have changed in the last few years.
I hopeit all goes well for you.

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