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Aley009 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:12:42

So i went to see an ENT today about a swollen tonsil I was mad nervous but all was FINE and tonsil was healthy however when he asked if I smoke (before he checked it) I said no. I do not smoke that is true but I used to smoke like a year and a half ago. But I've not touched a cig since then. Now I'm worried I should of told him. ?

Aley009 Mon 20-Jul-15 12:21:18


gingeroots Mon 20-Jul-15 13:37:34

Don't worry about this - they alwayus ask everyone whether they smoke/have ever smoked .
Just routine .

Aley009 Mon 20-Jul-15 22:26:43

He didn't ask if i had ever smoked just asked if I smoke , I'm probably worrying over nothing as usual!

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