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Hypochondria or should I see the GP?

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BarbaraManatee Sun 19-Jul-15 20:43:12

About 5 weeks ago I got a really nasty virus - in bed for days, lost my voice for 48 hours, sinusitis... I've only just started to feel like I was actually over it, although I still had a slight cough. About the same time I developed a furry tongue which I've still not quite managed to get rid of.

The last couple of days my sinuses have been bothering me & my throat's sore. Just today I've barely got any voice, feel lousy & have a weird sore bit on my throat. It doesn't bother me most of the time but when I touch it it's like poking a really big, painful zit. No external sign of anything though.

Can someone please tell me I'm being ridiculous & have just happened to get 2 viruses consecutively & that the zit-like pain is nothing to worry about?! I wouldn't be remotely worried if any of my family/close friends had been ill recently but I have no idea where the viruses keep coming from! I don't go out much so it's not like I'm sitting on a crowded bus every day. I've had 2 acquaintances under 35 die from cancer recently so I may slightly freak out over the tiniest symptoms... blush I'm overreacting, aren't I?!

BinToHellAndBack Mon 20-Jul-15 11:43:46

Sounds like laryngitis and in keeping with a couple of unlucky back to back viral infections.

I'd stay home from the GP. They're won't be to be able to offer anything but sympathy and the advice of coming back if it doesn't clear up. You'll also probably catch something else in the waiting area!

Get as much rest as you can, drink plenty of fluids, and make a mental note of when things started so that if it goes on for absolutely aaaaggggges you can go to the GP and say my throat has been very painful for x amount of time with no improvement.

You have my sympathies though flowers. I had no voice at all for 10 whole days earlier in the year and it hurt like heck for a good while longer. I hope you feel better soon.

Aquamarine70 Wed 22-Jul-15 09:13:47

There is something called quinsy. Maybe look up the symptoms & see if it sounds like it could be from your description of a painful zit in the throat. Could you get a telephone consult at your Drs?

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