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**Tamoxigang 53** Roll up, roll up... Anyone with any cancer (or test-waiting) welcome!

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MarthaCostello Sat 18-Jul-15 23:19:13

Good evening all,

The old thread had nearly run out when I posted so I have taken the liberty of starting a new one before it fills up completely.

I hope the title is OK - there isn't actually that much room, I was trying to fit in that people should come along even if they haven't been diagnosed yet.

If you're new here welcome to the Tamoxigang thread. This is a great place for anyone with any type of cancer (it originally started out as those taking Tamoxifen for breast cancer, hence the name, but has expanded). Please introduce yourself and make yourself comfortable! You're more than welcome here if you haven't been diagnosed yet too, sometimes people find it helpful to talk through their fears whilst waiting for results. And we will hold your hand until you find out, and hopefully wave you on your way with an all-clear smile flowers

There is almost always someone around to chat, or to answer any questions. Nothing is off-limits here. This is somewhere to offload any fears and frustrations, in a safe place where someone will have been there before.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the gorgeous summery weather flowers

MarthaCostello Sat 18-Jul-15 23:30:35

Now I feel especially silly as the title could have been much longer blush it seemed like it wouldn't fit.

I thought it might be helpful to post a quick summary of our history as we have done on previous threads...

I joined the thread over two years ago now shock around the time I started chemo for bowel cancer. I had a clear scan in April. I have various side effects from the surgery and chemo, but otherwise life continues relatively normally. I won't go into any detail about my treatment as it's not relevant to anyone on here at the moment, but I tend to lurk in case anyone with bowel cancer/having bowel cancer tests appears smile

wineoclockthanks Sun 19-Jul-15 09:33:19

Morning Martha and everyone else <waves>

At last, I can post again, my blasted iPad doesn't let me post on threads with more than about 100 posts so have been lurking for monthssmile

I was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 2 years ago, had the full package, chemo, BMX (no reconstruction which doesnt seem to be the norm so anyone with any questions feel free to ask) and radiotherapy. Finished treatment a year ago (yesterday!!) and so am back to (new) normal now.

malteserzz Sun 19-Jul-15 09:54:45

Morning everyone and thanks for starting the new thread Martha

I was diagnosed 2 years ago at 41, no family history found the lump myself,ignored it for a while as I was scared but finally plucked up courage to get it checked out, huge shock when it was cancer

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy which showed cancer in the sentinel node so then had chemo and then full mode clearance. None of my other nodes had any cancer. I then had 4 weeks of rads

I cold capped, still lost most of my hair but not all and it came back quickly after. I had a fab wig which I wore whenever I went out, only close family saw me wigless and I didn't fancy scarves

Still here 2 years on and still on the thread as emotionally I'm a bit rubbish and I find it reassuring to be with others who understand. I also hope to give a bit back as I had so much support on here when I was going trough treatment

To new people it's a shock and it's rubbish to hear you have cancer and the treatment is hard but probably not as bad as you fear. There is lots they can do these days smile

Nelsonwasonce Sun 19-Jul-15 11:03:37

Hi,I joined this wonderful group of people just over a year ago.
I was diagnosed with extensive high grade DCIS which turned out to be
100mm (10cm) in a small A cup breast.
I'd been backwards and forwards for years to have it checked as it was very obvious in such a small boob.
They finally decided to do a biopsy and had a mx a month later.
No need for chemo or rads thank God.
Reconstruction through use of implants on both sides this January and have recovered very well,dare I say back to normal.
Have just been for my first mammo on my remaining breast and awaiting results.
Had an unexpected bleed a week ago and have been referred to Gyn-Onc for further investigation.
I had tremendous support while I was going through diagnosing/treatment and recovery here and am very grateful for that.
I do feel I am not giving much support in return at times though as,lucky for me,so far things have been pretty straight forward,so not much experience to share.
MarthaCostello I may well need to pick your brain some time as my Sister was diagnosed with bowel cancer in November which has since spread to her lungs and liver.
She is responding well to chemo,tumours have either not grown/shrunk or disappeared but is now facing the choice whether to have surgery on her primary (bowel) tumour or not.

royalmama Sun 19-Jul-15 11:05:49

Hello all, back hine after surgery( lumpectomy and axillary clearance) i have a drain as a purse now, which is such a bother, and my affected breast feels like a rock ( firm and swollen but no redness or hot feeling). I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow, but could you please advuse at this stage if you have been through this? I am a 36 D, but have not worn a bra yet. I dont think the bras i usedto wear will be good and am rather anxious about putting one on.

royalmama Sun 19-Jul-15 11:09:35

Also want to thank you for the new thread and for the warm and candid reception we all get here.

Lilymaid Sun 19-Jul-15 12:38:26

Thanks Martha
So, for anyone new who has the misfortune to join this thread here's something about me:
Diagnosed June 2013 with lobular breast cancer - then after scans found to have secondary spread to bones
6 rounds of Tax as chemo but no mastectomy or rads.
Now alternating between oral chemo (Capecitabine) and hormonal treatments such as Tamoxifen, Exastemane and Letrozole. Have found the oral chemo somewhat easier than the hormonal treatments which give me lots of bone ache and tiredness.
Live in "mid-Anglia" and am currently having treatment on BUPA in a Nuffield Hospital (via work package).
Work in London pretty much full time. Went down to part time/work from home for first 9 months of treatment, but have managed 4 hours commuting plus job since then.
Have two lovely DSs (in their 20s) plus a DH. Determined to last out long enough to see how DSs progress in their lives and to spend their inheritance.

mrsrhodgilbert Sun 19-Jul-15 15:58:48

Thanks for starting us off again Martha.

I was diagnosed in May last year, aged 50. 11mm tumour in left breast. I had WLE and SNB, nodes clear. Then 15 x rads sessions and have been on tamoxifen for 12 months now.

I tolerate the tamoxifen pretty well, I have had phases of hot flushes but they've disappeared for now. My hair has thinned a lot over the last few months, a little known side effect, but confirmed by gp and bcn. I've had nodes flaring up requiring scans and a biopsy since treatment ended just to maintain the tension and stress. I also had a nasty bleed in about march requiring a pelvic scan.

I have a DH and two daughters, 18 & 21 and live in N Yorkshire. I've always been a sahm since having them.

I think about it less and less but still several times a day and hate cancer used in drama on tv with a passion, same for all the ads that seem to keep appearing.

Royal, I bought some larger bras, I'm a 34e so bought 36e without wires. I managed a quick trip to M&S a few days after surgery. I found the support helpful and even wore them at night for a while as turning over was painful. I was swollen and sore at this stage although I didn't have full node clearance, I imagine that's giving you a lot of discomfort. The bruising looks alarming, not helped by the blue dye. I hope you're more comfortable soon, are you getting the drain out tomorrow, I hear that helps a lot?

royalmama Sun 19-Jul-15 17:28:08

mrshrhodgiiibert, thank you. The drain i was told does not come out till about a week after surgery sad i can not wait for it to go( so do my DC.,the poor things worry about it) the bruising around my breast incision looks really scary, but i can not see much of the node incision. I think i will get someone to get me a larger bra size as you suggested, but i am worried how i will work the band around the drain too. Will see what the doc has to say, but seriously i thought it would be i naiive or what!

Speedypenguin Sun 19-Jul-15 17:53:15

Thank you Martha. I had a look but couldn't work out how to start a thread properly or link!

Diagnosed with triple negative and Her2 in March 2014. Had no node involvement but had chemo first. Tested positive for Brac 1 and had BMX in October with immediate reconstruction. Implants put in in feb (very perky they are too). Started Herceptin late due to heart trouble and then had to have a little break but have just had number 9.

Don't always get chance to post as back at work and it gets busy but am now on holiday for 6 weeks smile. This thread had been wonderful for me. Lovely to hear from you again wine.
Royal- they told me to wear a bra after op and I got a bigger one so it went over the drain. The drains were a pain but it will soon be out.

Lovely and sunny here and I have lazed the day away when I should be sorting stuff out ready for my kitchen being ripped out!
Thinking of everyone.

Speedypenguin Sun 19-Jul-15 17:56:23

Sorry Royal- it sounded like I was being a bit flippant about the drain. They aren't fun at all and a week is a long time when you have to manage them. Once it is out you will be able to move so much more easily. It isn't a pretty sight afterwards but hopefully will heal up quickly.

royalmama Sun 19-Jul-15 18:11:33

Thanks speedypenguin i doubt anybody here says anthing lightly having been throigh it for real.God I do want this drain out as soon as posible.just want to be able to sleep on my side again and move about freelt yessad
i was told to wear a bra too but not before the op. i would have gone and got myself a bigger size yes if i had been told how important it would be.

Cailindeas35 Sun 19-Jul-15 19:44:42

Hi all.
I was diagnosed in may this year with triple negative breast cancer. Confined to breast and no node involvement.
Im 35 years old and a single to 3 kids, 11,8 and 5.
I started weekly tax/carbo and will be having my 5th of 12 tomorrow. No bad side effects apart from hair loss and tired towards the end of the week. After my weekly tax ill b having Ac every 3 weeks. Then surgery, at the moment surgery is wle, but may opt for mx if my genetic testing comes back positive. Then 5 weeks of rads.
Emotionally, im all over the place. Postive and utterly terrified. I had one counselling session with my old counsellor but i just havent had time to do more. I need to prioritise it. So hopefully next week.

Hope ye are all well. flowers

MarthaCostello Sun 19-Jul-15 21:10:24

wine it's lovely to see you back - I had been wondering where you'd got to. A shame your iPad is misbehaving sad happy end-of-treatment-anniversary for yesterday flowers

nelson I'm sorry about your sister's diagnosis, though good news that the chemo is working well. I should probably say that I had a more extreme surgery than is usual for bowel cancer, I had all of my colon and rectum removed as I have a genetic disorder, but I am happy to share whatever information I can whenever you need smile I have several friends who have had various bits of bowel out, and all are doing well. It takes a bit of adjusting, but it's perfectly liveable-with.

royal I hope your drain comes out soon, and that you start to feel more comfortable soon.

cailindeas I hope your counselling helps flowers

Waving to everyone else smile

Rivercam Sun 19-Jul-15 21:28:09

Thank you for the new thread.

I was diagnosed with bcthree years ago and used this thread intermittently. I found it difficult to post on a cancer thread as I didn't want to be here, if that makes sense, despite having a fairly easy time of it all. ( small lump, quick treatment, radiotherapy). Had zoladex injections for two years( and put on three stone!) and on tamoxifen as well, which I tolerate quite well.

More recently, had my first period for nearly three years so was investigated with various scans and hysteroscopies for endometrial cancer. Found out last week that its not cancer ( still can't believe it. Was expecting to spend this summer recovering from a hysterectomy). I have a consultants appointment in a couple of weeks time, to find out where we go from here.

For all newbies, you are welcome and please feel free to ask anything, let off steam on bad days, rejoice on good days, and talk about the weather. Anything goes on this thread.

royalmama Mon 20-Jul-15 06:48:38

Thank you marthacostello. As if that isn't enough, I had a bad fall and had a stitch to my forehead and a slightly fractured nosesad

Lilymaid Mon 20-Jul-15 11:39:04

Oh **
Friend has just phoned to say she has found a lump on her breast. She's gone straight to the GP and got a referral letter so can be seen by the NHS within a fortnight.
She's also got private health insurance through work, so I suggested she might like to consider using that it she can get seen quicker, though her local NHS hospital is excellent for BC.
I've told her that 9/10 lumps aren't cancer and that whatever the outcome, she should be able to go on holiday (at the beginning of the month).
Told her to try (ho ho!) to concentrate on the immediate and not the what if!
Any other suggestions? I will try to meet up with her if she is in work near me tomorrow.

royalmama Mon 20-Jul-15 11:49:04

Worrying is inevitable, but you could try to keep her busy ( take her out for a coffee, watch a movie, etc) so she worries less than she would if she were on her own. Best of luck and hope it is nithing serious.

MarthaCostello Mon 20-Jul-15 13:55:45

royal oh dear, you are having a time of it! I hope you heal up quickly flowers

lily sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she can get some reassurance soon.

River I get where you're coming from. I was reluctant to join the thread when I first came across it, as I thought it would be gloomy and I didn't want to be just "the girl with cancer". But then actually it was the complete opposite. I had a real laugh here, there were days when no one talked about cancer at all. And it was a sanctuary from all the patronising looks and head-tilting and oddness from various friends. It was actually one of the few places where I wasn't just someone with cancer smile I hope it can be the same for all those who need it now

I hope everyone had a good weekend smile

Rivercam Mon 20-Jul-15 14:39:42

This time around I have found it a lot easier, and the support has been AMAZING. There's not really much out there for endometrial/uterine/womb cancer, despite it being the fourth most common female cancer. Everyone has been brilliant on here,

Really must get to housework.sad

Rivercam Mon 20-Jul-15 14:42:50

Lily - you sound like your are doing fine. I think listen for when she wants to talk cancer, but also, do normal non-cancer things as well. She'll be entering a world of hospital appointments, tests, result waiting etc. it can be a bit of a whirlwind so sometimes it's nice to step,outside of this world.

Maybe if she hasn't got anyone to go to the hospital with, then volunteer to go with her. Havimg someone there can be comforting.

hotchocforme Mon 20-Jul-15 15:44:20

Hi. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer with spread to lymph nodes in April. I have 2 DCs and a DH. I am 33.
I have had 3 Fec chemos and 1 tax, with 2 more tax to go.

Overall I am coping well. Going to have surgery (mx) after chemo but not sure how this will pan out as both lumps have now disappeared.

Lily, I just found having friends around helpful. And nice days out, or going for coffee. It all helps.

Hope everyone is ok.

Sienna17 Mon 20-Jul-15 19:35:26

Hi everyone,

Just found the new thread. I was diagnosed with DCIS in May, had a WLE, 210mm of high grade DCIS removed and am about to start 3 weeks of radiotherapy this week. I'm a single parent and have found it all very difficult to deal with, despite knowing it could have been much worse. This thread has been a great support.

Lilymaid Wed 22-Jul-15 09:56:03

Outcome from my friend's breast lump:
She managed to get a private appointment the same day as she saw her GP and it was confirmed it was just a cyst. So, fortunately, she was spared a couple of weeks anxiety, worry about BC, thoughts of having to cancel her holiday etc ...
Meanwhile, I am really creaky with joint ache on my new hormonal treatment: Exemestane. I had similar problems with Tamoxifen and Letrozole. I had a good look on the Breast Cancer Care forums for suggestions.
The easiest suggestion was to drink a glass of tonic water daily (which strangely enough we had in stock at home in large quantities). No mention of whether gin was required as well. I've also invested in some Omega 3 and Glucosamine tablets and have made enquiries about having acupuncture (suggested by the nurses at my hospital). Any other suggestions gratefully received as I wasn't sure I could get out of bed this morning. Once on the move (and with a couple of Ibuprofen inside me) I've managed to make it to work and will make sure I get out of my seat frequently and have a little walk.

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