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dirtyfabulous Sat 18-Jul-15 20:34:04

I've posted before about my recovery from pneumonia and my breathing difficulties after it.
My anxiety levels are very high since being in hospital and my GP thinks my symptoms are more to do with anxiety. I have dry mouth too. He also mentioned hyperventilation. I think this is what I'm doing. I constantly feel like I need a deep breath & then can't manage to take a full breath. I'm burping a lot as well.
I feel like I'm so aware & focused on my breathing all of the time it's really starting to get me down. This is going on for weeks with the exception of a few days here & there.I'm sleeping well at night & first thing in morning I breathe fine,with that lovely ease that I don't experience anymore.
I'm trying to slow down my breathing.
Any advice would be great!

BinToHellAndBack Sun 19-Jul-15 10:47:30

Have you tried any games or apps for your phone that are designed to help calm anxiety and get you regulating your breathing properly? There are a few out there, although no idea of how useful they are/what they cost to download.

Sorry you're struggling flowers.

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